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  Satay Chicken (4 skewers) Tender sliced chicken marinated with selected herbs and spices threaded on skewers then barbecued
  Fish cake (4 pieces) A traditional Thai style fresh red fish finely minced and blended with chilli paste
  Spring Roll (4 pieces) A mixture of glass noodles, mushrooms and fresh vegetables rolled in rice paper roll
  Curry Puff (4 pieces) Puff pastry filled with ground chicken, freshly minced vegetables and mild curry powder
  Peak Gai (4 pieces) Deep fried marinated fresh chicken wings in a spicy sauce
  Money Bag (5 pieces) A mixture of finely minced chicken, glass noodles and fresh vegetables wrapped in egg pastry
  Seafood Roll (5 pieces) A mixture of crab meat and minced prawns with taro and spices wrapped in rice net roll
  Mixed Entrée A combination of Satay Chicken, Spring Roll, Curry Puff and Peak Gai
  Salt & Pepper Squid Tender baby squid seasoned in sea salt, paprika and pepper then fried to perfection

Tom Yum - Prawns A popular hot and spicy Thai soup with lemon grass, galangal,
kaffir lime, fresh chilli, mushrooms and coriander
Tom Kha - Chicken A spicy but mild coconut soup with lemon and lime juice, mushrooms, baby corn and coriander

Gang Massaman A mild red curry with coconut milk, baby potatoes, onion, crushed peanuts and fragrant Thai herbs
  Vegetables / Tofu,    Chicken, Beef, Pork,    Lamb, Fish     Prawns
  Gang Panang A sweet and spicy red curry with coconut milk and fragrant Thai herbs
  Gang Keow wan A hot and spicy green curry with coconut milk, green vegetables and
Thai basil
  Gang Karee An aromatic yellow curry with coconut milk, pineapple and baby potatoes

  Vegetables / Tofu,    Chicken, Beef, Pork,     Lamb, Fish     Prawns
Pad Kaprao A hot and spicy stir fry with garlic, sweet basil and chilli
  Pad Nam mun hoi A mild stir fry with oyster sauce
Pad Kratiem A spicy but mild stir fry with garlic and peppers
Pad Khing A mild stir fry with ginger and mushrooms
  Pad Peanut Stir fried in a thick spicy peanut sauce
Pad Cashew Nuts Stir fried with fresh garlic, cashew nuts and chilli jam
Pad Preow wan A sweet & sour stir fry with tomatoes, pineapple, cucumber and onions


Talay Thai Mixed seafood stir fried with garlic, fresh vegetables, herbs and spices
Fig Lamb Lamb fillets stir fried with home made chilli jam, sun dried figs and cracked black pepper
Kung Gai  Tiger prawns and chicken fillets stir fried with sun dried tomatoes, snow peas, pine nuts and shrimp paste
Mango Chicken Chicken fillets stir fried with sun dried mangoes, chilli paste, garlic,
snow peas and crushed macadamias
Coconut Lime Prawns Tiger prawns sautéed with chilli jam, lime juice, coconut cream, ginger and fresh vegetables
Macadamias Prawns Tiger prawns stir fried with chilli paste, garlic, snow peas and crushed macadamias
Chilli squid and prawns  Tender squid and tiger prawns stir fried with chilli jam, baby corn, young garlic shoots, bamboo shoots and mixed Thai herbs
  Gang Ped A sweet and spicy red roasted duck curry cooked with cherry tomatoes and fragrant Thai herbs
  Pla Choo Chee Barramundi fillets slow cooked in a thick red curry, snow peas and fresh Thai basil
Chilli Duck Noodle Thick rice noodles stir fried with roasted duck, Asian green vegetables and sweet chilli paste
  Duck Salad Sliced roasted duck marinated with lime juice, chilli and Thai herbs
  Banana Flower Salad Prawns and chicken poached in a coconut milk, tossed with a fresh banana flowers, kiffir lime, mint and lemongrass

Steamed Jasmine Rice
Fried Rice                  Vegetables, Chicken                                 Prawns
Thai style fried rice with egg and fresh garden vegetables
Pad Si iew                 Vegetables, Chicken, Beef                        Prawns
Thick rice noodles stir fried with fresh Asian green vegetables and sweet soya sauce
Pad Thai                    Vegetables, Chicken                                 Prawns
Thin rice noodles stir fried with lime juice, bean sprouts and ground peanuts
Khao Soi                    Chicken                                                     Prawns
Sweet red curry cooked with steamed egg noodles
Served with crispy noodles, deep fried Spanish onions and crushed peanuts
Chilli Noodle              Vegetables, Chicken, Beef                        Prawns
Thick rice noodles stir fried with chilli, sweet basil and fresh garden vegetables

Prawn Crackers (served with peanut sauce)
Soft Drink 1.25 litre
Gourmet Ice cream
Peanut Sauce 250 ml.

Gluten free options is available, Please advise staff of food allergies
Price subject to change without notice, Eftpos $20 minimum per transaction
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